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Good ideas are "in abundance", criticism usually abounds, and what is most lacking is people who put things into action. Generations are coming that after an idea, there is a pilot and after a pilot a pivot and "back to square one". Long planning, extensive and perfect market studies and endless analysis seem to be things of the past or at least they are being reinvented.

Sometimes it is better to have few ideas and execute them than to overflow with them and execute little or nothing. We need leaders and people in general in the organization who make decisions and get involved in executing things persistently until results are achieved, "pivoting" as many times as necessary along the way. Consistency and perseverance are key characteristics for the success of any initiative.

Another great paradigm is that of looking for the "big idea" because the rest "already exists". One clear example of many that applies to both continuous improvement and creation is the story of Spotify and "free" music online. That already existed long before its launch but not with the quality, timeliness and above all legality that in this case was required. The founders set out to do it that way with a Team of "Doers" on every front required and the rest and not without a few obstacles is known history. They did not start with a great study of the subject and today they are leaders in the music industry worldwide.

The truth is that in order to get things going we need people in the company who do it. Here are some characteristics of the "DOERS" that we must have in our organization to move faster from thought to action:

  1. Does not get lost in the details. He always has the vision of the "forest".

  2. Does not look for the perfect, does the best possible, starts and improves.

  3. Is results oriented

  4. is consistent in what he seeks, persistent and tolerant of frustration.

  5. Is practical. He practices trial and error in a controlled manner.

  6. Is a leader, has conviction, works in a team and people follow him/her.

  7. Makes decisions with the information he has.

  8. Has high determination.

  9. Is proactive and voluntary.

And you, do you have the "DOERS" you need in your organization?

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