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Process management

It allows mapping, documentation and layout of processes, enabling you to include several attributes to the activities of thereof, such as time, frequency, type and function, among others. All of this allows the recollection of information and triggering of statistics for the purpose of measuring the level of transformation of your business, from the perspective of virtualization, robotization and automation.


The processes module integrates with the rest of Goldenbelt’s modules according to your needs and assuring the consistency and integrity of your business’ information. Risks and controls, documents, policies, systems, KPI’s, job positions and other relevant information can be accessed and attached from and into the process.


The solution counts with a module for goals and objectives, and registration of KPI’s over time, so it can measure each process´ performance and their participants over time.

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Capturas GB_v1_Modelamiento de Procesos.

1. Receive purchase order

2. Identify type of purchase and if it can be attended by catalog / contract

3. Review and homologue type of product





Can it be attended by contract / catalog?

Requirement Validation and Purchase Planning

Local Pruchasing Analyst


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